Paradise Destination: Maldives

Priyanka Ray sent in her travel story about her honeymoon in the paradise isles of Maldives.

We had been planning long for our honeymoon. After we had gone to various travel agents and tour operators before zeroing in on the destination – after months of discussion and debating we decided that the place was to be Maldives!!!

Now the next thing on our list was to decide which operator to choose from. We decided to choose Cox and Kings. All the tour operators provide you with fairly the same package, so it makes no difference which operator you choose it from. In fact, to be honest, I would suggest one to plan and book your trip yourself.

We boarded the Air India flight from Bangalore to Maldives on the 7th of December 2011. It took us about 1.30 hrs to reach Male. We had made our reservation at the Paradise Island Resort. They have their counter just outside the airport. On arrival we were asked to wait for about 15 min till all the guest arrived. In the mean while we inquired about some local SIM. There were some local shops that offered SIM just outside the airport.

Paradise Island Maldives

Paradise Island Resort, Maldives

After all the guest had arrived, we were taken to the speed boat. It was a small and cozy speedboat. After all us had settled down, the speed boat took off for our destination. It took us about 20-25 min to reach our Resort. I had fallen in love with the place at the very first sight. The blue waters and the white sands were breath taking.

We were soon guided to the main bar where we were asked to fill in our details.

We were soon driven to our Water villa on golf carts. The room was magnificent one with a lovely sun deck. The room was situated just over the water and we could see the fishes and corals from our room itself. There was also a stair that would lead you directly to the seWe spent the rest of the day lazing on the sun deck and taking in the breath taking site that the place had to offer.

Sun sets on paradise island

Sunset on Paradise Island

Once dark, we stepped towards the Fagumati Restaurant. It was the sea food restaurant. At 8 in the evening everyday they would feed the sharks from this place. We were very excited to see it since we had never before seen sharks in the sea.

The next day began with a cloudy sky and a bit of rain but soon the rain gave way to a sunny morning and a bright day. Since we had booked for bed and breakfast, we had our breakfast at the Lagoon restaurant. We sat at their open air area from where we could see the blue sea and the white sands. The spread was an enormous one where we had the choice of choosing from a variety of dishes.

After finishing our breakfast we moved towards the beach. The virgin beach with pristine crystal clear water and the unspoilt natural beauty was simply more than we had expected while booking our trip. The best part of beaches were its true nature beauty, where we enjoyed various adventurous as well as fun-filled water sports like Snorkeling, swimming, diving and boating.

We spent most of the day on the beaches and in water. In the evening we went to the main bar area where one of the local bands were performing. We were pleasantly surprised to hear them sing out a famous Hindi song. Soon most of just joined them in humming the song.

We had our dinner at the Bageecha restaurant. The food was finger licking.

The next day too was spent mostly lazing around the beaches and trying out some of the water sports that were offered. There were various options of choosing from other activities but since we had very little time left, we decided to stay on the island itself.

At the end of our 3 day tour, we still felt that there were a lot left for us to see. After picking up a few souvenirs from the gift shop at the resort we boarded our yacht back to the airport.

We had already made up our mind that we were soon to revisit is paradise destination once more.

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