A platform to share your travel stories. (See what other travellers have posted.)


Send in your post by email to info@yellowleg.com, and we’ll publish it for you. (Note that this can take a while because we have very limited resources devoted to this. Your story will get posted whenever someone gets around to it. Use the option below to post it yourself and see it published much sooner.)


1. Sign up with a WordPress account

2. Send us an email to info@yellowleg.com from the email address you used for signing up on WordPress, with subject line: “New contributor”.

3. We send you an invitation to contribute to this blog.

4. Accept invitation and blog away.

5. We approve your posts, publish and spread the word among our Facebook+Twitter followers.



Do’s and Don’ts:

1. Post quality content.

2. No plagiarism – post original content.

3. You can share a link to your website, blog, etc. but posts that are purely about soliciting business will not be published.

4. Be nice. No trolling, libelous content, or anything that is not in keeping with the spirit of Yellowleg.

5. Other than that, anything goes.

PS: We may moderate the content, correct errors, and add helpful links to your post before publishing.


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